stylish dishes

I’m preparing templates which will satisfy your appetite for delicious designs. Check out the menu and treat yourself to professionally designed free templates.

fresh drinks

Help yourself to my free PSD resources and use them in your work. You’ll be freshening up your designs while saving yourself precious time. Cheers!

free of charge

Yes, you got that right: everything is on the house! But you can’t sell my work or reupload it on another server. Of course, you can always share it and say hi ;)

The Chef

Hi there!
My name is Yane Naumoski and I'm an experienced UI designer currently working full-time at Endava. I love designing stuff. I love the challenge of it and the fun of it: the crazy quest for new ideas, exploring the hidden possibilities of every single idea and carrying out the one with the greatest potential, and, of course, the satisfaction of a work well done. Besides working as a designer, I dabble in photography.